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Team Extinction is a team that focuses on winning and fun. There will be no booting from team
At Team Extinction we are currently recruiting players to join us in competitive Arena on GameBattles also non-competitive Arena. Best of both worlds on Warzone and Warzone assault and including custom games!

Team Leader: o iEx0tic (10+ years with Halo)
Co-Leader: imanstah (8 years with Halo)
Team Captain/Recruiting Leader: RomanExponent5 (10+ years with Halo)
The rules are pretty simple:
-16+ as well as mature
-Recommend Mic | If having mic issues let us know
-Looking for guys who love to play halo
-We use GroupMe to have constant communication
-We play to win and to have fun

If you want a team where you will always have a bunch of guys to squad up and wreck with this is the team for you. We play to win and we play to have fun. A Game battles team will be created shortly for those interested. Giant and fun custom games are going to be held every weekend (Mini-games) If your looking for a permanent team where you plan on becoming good friends with your members then this is team for you.
Feel free to message any of us if you have any questions!
Hope to play with you all soon!