Arena/Warsone Req bundles

I’m not to sure whether you’re suppose to get the req packs every Monday or if you get the packs proceeding one week the day you buy the bundle, but basically just asking whether you get it every start of the week or a week from the day our bought it or received an additional pack?

Arena packs I think were every Monday, thought it could have been a Tuesday as well. Are you missing any packs currently? Your first 2 packs should come when your purchase or redeem a code and then every week for 6 weeks after

I got and downloaded both the arena and warzone bundle a few days ago and haven’t gotten anything.

I think it was Tuesday. Long time ago…

Today is Tuesday and still no packs, going to be really annoyed if I wasted money on this.

Seems like a lot of people are also posting about this problem, but 343 still hasn’t helped many people.