Arena V3 Feedback

While I love the fact that 343 are making changes to arena, some of these said changes are, well, terrible. Here are my complaints as of V3.
1)Empire - removal of SMG(WHY?) , Scattershot replaced with SAW(WHY?), Plasma Caster replaced with SPNKr(WHY?), removal of BR(WHY?), and the Pit stronghold is too wide and, with that, is too easily contested(WHY?).
2)Coliseum - only one BR(WHY?), stressing the use of Boltshot and Suppressor(WHY?), revert of Rocket and Snipe change(WHY?), removal of Frags(WHY?).
3)Fathom - removal of SMG(WHY?), Rail and Camo swapped(WHY?), movement of Storm placement(WHY?).
4)Truth - removal of SMG(WHY?), removal of Carbine for movement of BR placement(WHY?).
5)Plaza - removal of Rail in strongholds(WHY?).
6)Eden - implementation of Brute Plasma and SPNKr need to stop, they just don’t fit the competitive scene. Plasma Caster fits the map MUCH better and, if not Plasma Caster, please put normal Rocket in its place.
7)Tyrant - if you are to keep snipe on Tyrant, would you consider opening up top mid for a line of sight? If not, I personally believe Rail fits the map MUCH better(even without the change to top mid).
Overall, It just seems like a lot these changes were pointless and should not have even been considered for competitive Halo play.
(BTW, thanks for ruining CTF Empire and then removing it, just open the base windows again and put back the Plasma Caster)
Edit: R.I.P., didn’t mean to post twice. Also, sorry for the excessive amounts of (WHY?), but it best explains my views on most of these terrible changes :smiley: