Arena- Team Doubles

I’ve started to play team doubles for arena. But there are some things i dont know about arena. How does the rating system work?

As far as I know:

  • Play 4 games a day to be ‘rated’. You can keep playing to increase your rating for the day.
  • After being rated a certain amount of days, you will be placed into a division. (Bronze, Steel, Silver, Gold, Onyx)
  • … that’s it. :\

Not very exciting for competitive players like myself. The rating system is also severely flawed, so that doesn’t help either.

Ok, thank you.

One more thing to know, is that in about a week or two, there will be a change to the entire Arena experience.

All the Arena play-lists, FFA, Doubles, and Team Arena will be consolidated into one single play-list.

You will be rated based on winning, and losing. Instead of your score based on kills/assists vs deaths.

Read about the upcoming changes: Here.
Scroll down to where you see “Goodbye, Arena. Hello, The Arena!”.

Thant’s good to know. My thanks to you too!

Just remember, when you get placed in a division you can always play more to get higher, unless your Onyx you must play to keep the title. :slight_smile: