Arena Slayer 3-5 Times a Row - Nearly Every Sesh

OK, without asking the obvious question (why is slayer even in the ARENA gametype)… with every single update the arena gametype weighs towards SLAYER HCS so much, that I do not believe I have gone a session yet without Slayer on the Rig.

There are so many fun game types that are missing from this, and I don’t know about you, but I hate slayer. It is as boring as Halo gets. Objective games used to encourage team work, now it just seems like everyone plays slayer no matter what the gametype is. That is, if they’re not quitting or betraying you b/c you took their favorite toy, you accidentally 'naded them or my favorite; they think it’s all your fault they’re not winning.

The circular maps, the whiny players, the quitters, the lack of pacing & strategy - all of these things my wife & I grudgingly put up with - but when we have maybe 2 hours max to play on weeknights, we always have a miserable experience when Team Arena is all slayer, or mostly.

Just this AM: 6 games, 4 slayer, 1 strongholds, 1 slayer (on the Rig, of course)

If all the tryhards need “Halo Championship Series” training - why haven’t ya’ll just made that a gametype?

Could you guys change this, please?