Arena should give more REQ points

I can play a Warzone A game in 6 minutes and get 1,500 req points yet a 12 minute game of breakout gives me 700, seems a bit off.

I agree, arena points need a slight buff, not to the level of warzone but 900-1100 if you win would be nice

Agreed. As it stands now, if you play only Warzone vs only Arena, Warzone would save you 100 hours of grinding on the course of unlocking everything.

I get the rationale, Warzone Assault games can be very short, but standard Warzone games can take 20-30 minutes…the same as numerous games of Arena. That said, I think a slight bump to RP earns for Arena is warranted.

Yeah it just bugs me that I now have to intentionally avoid arena if I want 3-4 silver packs each night.