Arena Season 12 Stats

A friend of mine’s stats for Arena Season 12 won’t load here … don’t know why.

Is there a contact number somewhere? Don’t see it on the main page ,

343 don’t take phone calls for problems with Reach. They’d be busy 24-7.

What about e-mail?

No. If the stats aren’t loading right, try again in a bit.

For over 2 weeks now. All around stats are up but Arena 12 won’t show

What’s the GT you’re trying to look up?

> What about e-mail?

Nope, they don’t have a public phone number, email address or anything else like that. It seems like the site is just glitching again, as Snickerdoodle said, give it another try later and it should work. If not then try PMing bs angel I’m not sure when she gets back from vacation however so she may not reply for a few days.

HC BaD InTentZs

He’s forum banned here so I’m doing the legwork for him. We’ve been friends for years but he’s a bit brash sometimes lol.

> He’s forum banned here…

I wonder where he gets that from…