Arena Season 10 Causes Gun in Mouth

343 must have changed the setting for how players find each other in arena when they haven’t been rated yet in the season. It seems like every player on the opposing team in every game is at or above my skill level of onyx while my teammates are rated lower in previous seasons. What gives? It used to be set up where everybody was on an even playing field at the start of each season and as they got rated each day it would update the level of skill they matched against.

The way it’s set up now is completely screwed. Just look at my record so far. That should never happen to a player of my skill level. I’ve been looking at other players records as well who had a decent k/d and high percent onyx in previous seasons and they are getting screwed over nearly as bad as I am.

I thought the objective was to create interest in MLG and Arena. Whatever 343 did to change how players are found or how teams are arranged frustrates the higher skilled players until they feel like they’re scared to get rated because of how bad their record looks.

If the objective was to discourage people from playing arena, congratulations, you succeeded. I have never come close to struggling this poorly at the beginning of a season. I am now considering retiring this account now because of it.

This is very suspect playlist management to say the least. This type of change can never be thrown into a ranked playlist like arena as an experiment with no warning. It’s complete disrespect. I have never been more frustrated in my life while playing Halo as I have been playing the first 2 days of The Arena Season 10.

agreed halo reach’s ranking system is a joke

Are you saying you go in random to a team list and are wondering why you get random outcomes?

Sure your stats are lower but so are everyone else’s, so how could it “make you look bad?” It’s all relative.

Tbh this is the way Arena should have worked from the start. Resetting the trueskill every season is just frustrating for those who have other commitments. By the time I finally get fair matches, the season is almost over.

There’s no way that someone with my lack of skill should be able to have this record:
Season 7 - 2.07 K/D
Season 8 - 1.77 K/D
Season 9 - 1.42 K/D
Season 10 - 1.52 K/D
Overall: 1.57 K/D

That would never happen with non-resetting trueskill.
Even taking into account the first bit of qualifying & relatively low total games, I should be at most 1.2.

The objective should be more like this:
Season 7: 2.07 K/D
Season 8: 1.2 K/D
Season 9: ~1.0 K/D
Season 10: ~1.0 K/D

My mission for Arena is to be 100 percent or very high iron this season. I think it’s a joke so I’m gonna play like its a joke. If you ever see me just dashboard cause you’re probably gonna lose.

to me it sounds more like your complaining about how a competitive game type is competitive. your not always going to have great teammates it’s not always going to be fair but it’s also season 10 ppl get better the more they play that is probably whats happening or your getting teamed up with better players cuz if you want the truth if your on a team with 3 crappy players you have a better chance of getting a higher rating over a team with 4 great players on it. you have to think of how the statistics work if you got a great team even if you win cap is say 50 kills right well you need more kills and more assists to help give yourself a higher rating right? 4 great ppl the outcome is more like 15 kills or less per person on average a player would get about a 1400-1500 rating but now lets say you get 1-2 players that aren’t that great say they get about 5-9 kills a game that is 10-18 points out of the 50 point total that gives you and the other on your team a chance to get between 32-40 points each so that gives you 16-20 kills a game when split evenly 20 kills as long as you aren’t negative will give a a score between 1525-1690 so really when your record gets looked at and your rating is given and your assigned a division slightly “crappy” teammates give you a higher rating

Its hard to have a competition with 600 people in that playlist, at peak times. I have a feeling there are big changes coming though, otherwise they would have implemented TU settings and been done with it. Just a theory.

> Its hard to have a competition with 600 people in that playlist, at peak times. I have a feeling there are big changes coming though, otherwise they would have implemented TU settings and been done with it. Just a theory.

I would be sooo happy if they just put TU into arena. anything more like rank next to nameplate on gamertag OR changing form win loss back to personal performance true skill. would be SWELL.