Arena REQ Bundle

I have my friends home Xbox on my account and he purchased the arena REQ bundle, when I went to buy it for my self it only says install so I attempted to try and download it, after starting up Halo 5 to find I don’t have the REQs, I can;t buy it either, any help appreciated.

I have purchased the Arena REQ Bundle. I got the first one with the Mark V alpha but I did not get any for this week? (Monday 22, February.)

I have the same problem as you JoshaBosha347, I bought the pack but my brother account on the same Xbox is not able to purchase it as well. The same message as you pops up saying it has previously been purchased. Help on this issue would indeed be welcomed.

If you cant purchase your own REQ bundle on your Xbox because someone else on your box already has one, you can make your purchase on and it should work.

@OP you will need to purchase your own license / bundle. You wont be able to use your friends