Arena Ranking- changes to make the system more visible and simple

Let me first say I like the raking system. I think it does a better job than H3 of letting you know your skill compared to others. However, its strengths are overshadowed by its weaknesses, which in my opinion is the visibility of players ranks, the time it takes to get ranked, and the requirements to get ranked in Arena.

1. Place the division placement (top%) on the nameplate.

Currently, this is buried in the menu’s on the service record. A LOT of people that do not play often or do not read forums/Bungie updates have no idea where they can find this and even if they do they might not know what it means. Please make this change and then have a change update in game. Explain to players that this is how they rank within their division. Explain that the lower the percent the better you are compared to others.

Bungie, remove the best 3 game rating and replace with percentile ranking. It gives a much better indication of a players actual skill. You (Bungie) said originally that the player rating on the nameplate was for “bragging rights”. To be honest I would rather have my division placement displayed for bragging rights.

2. Change the minumum requirement for games to be rated in Arena.

Currently, You have to play a minimum of 20 games and it has to be spread over a 5 day period. Keep the minimum game requirement but do not require it to be spread over 5 days. I know people are going to say it will cause major fluctuations in divisions in the beginning of the season. For the first 2 weeks of Season 7 divisions fluctuated wildly with the current 5 day requirement.

This change will make the ranking system less complicated and allow players to get ranked faster. You play ‘X’ number of games and get placed in a division. Simple.

3. Show me the nameplates of the opposing team and their ranks.

I like to see who I’m up against.

4. Show the division symbol on the nameplate in ALL playlists.

If Arena is going to be only one playlist then make it special by allowing people who participate to get something to show for it in the other playlists. This would likely increase the overall population of Arena as well.

Thoughts? Additions?