Arena Rank Matching

I didn’t get much of this issue until January but recently (at least for me) it has been quite ridiculous. I didn’t really play much in March so Im a bit rusty with SWAT. Since I’m unranked I expected to be matched with other unrakanked or at least gold/platinums. Nope, one game was almost all diamonds and an Onyx with the entire enemy team playing as a clan and the two games before that literally everyone else in the lobby was Onyx division. (Note I was playing solo) and these are the only three games I have played today. I don’t know if it is just me and my bad luck or if there is something seriously broken with the matching but I should not be in a lobby with pure onyx as an unranked. (I actually just remembered another one last month when I was unranked and got matched up with a few onyx a diamond or two and TWO CHAMPIONS (one was 30-something and I cant remember the other one)

The whole onyx and champion thing is messed up. It’s is like that so they have people to play with and being matched up with parties when playing solo is broken as well.

Match making = BROKEN

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> Match making = BROKEN

agreed. my team of mid golds were getting placed with diamon/plat and onyx/diamond teams all night last night… needless to say we got clobbered.