Arena Players Wanted

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some players to team up with to play mainly Halo 5 arena with the goal of becoming a better player. I’ve been playing halo on and off for years and have played every game to date. I am tired of finding matchmaking games where there is no communication, given how key communication is in Halo it has always baffled me why so few people talk in game.

I am quite handy when it comes to both slaying and objective game play, have a very good understanding of the game, good map knowledge, power ups and power weapon spawn locations and cycles etc. I play for fun but I am competitive, I try and keep a positive K/D ratio at all times and so understand the importance of valuing your life in Halo. I review my previous nights games to check stats and watch key games back in theater to try to learn where I went wrong, what I could do better or what I did well.

I am from the UK, play most nights (at least 5 nights a week) and usually get online about 22:00 GMT. It is common for me to still be on at 03:00 04:00 Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I am looking for players with a similar mindset, so if you want regular game play, want to improve, have a headset for comms and are interested my Gamer Tag is “CM FERRARI” reply to the post, add me on xbox, send me a message however you want to get in touch.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Always looking for Uk players to play with so I added you