Arena needs more options

Ok. I get that a new ranking system will most likely not be made ever into this game, but the only ranked game right now is team slayer. Would it be so bad to implement more than just TS? I think it should at least contain a doubles of lone wolf…heck maybe even a snipers. anything really. We just simply need more options available for us players that do enjoy ranks in a variety of ways.

Arena Feedback Thread, you should go post this in the feedback thread. :slight_smile:

You want more ranked playlists despite the terrible playlist populations in Reach?

All that would result in would be more sparsely populated playlists where it takes longer to get a match if you can get one at all, the average host would also be worse due to the lack of geographically close suitable matches.

Ya nick brings up a good point. Try searching for games with the skill restriction in a low population playlist… Takes a while, and when you do finally get into a game, people quit out.

Well I almost always find games in arena relatively fast. I mean every now and then it takes a few minutes but usually less than a minute for me. I mean there there being a low population in reach says something in of itself, but thats another war for another thread that isn’t mine lol. well thanks for your input guys. And sorry for wrong thread.