Arena Medals Do Not Register

Has anyone else noticed that their medals for a sword kill, super comb, splaser, railgun, do not register during arena matches??? I should have at least one of each of these… The only time the medals appear is in Warzone, but if you look at your medals, you can view the ones you achieved in the arena, and none of these show up

I think they just don’t show up, I bet they actually do count to your medal count on Waypoint. I’ll test this and see if they do.

I thought the only way to get those medals is warzone.

Yeah, they reduced the medals for Arena. You only get medals for generic weapon kills in Warzons

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> Yeah, they reduced the medals for Arena. You only get medals for generic weapon kills in Warzons

Really? That’s stupid, I’m still going to test it though…

a lot of the medals you need to play warzone to get, which i think is absolutely ridiculous, but it is what it is…I just accepted the fact that I wont be getting them all because i dont really like warzone at all.

I was just curious, because it shows under your medals, in the arena area, that these medals are there to earn, but they are all ghosted, the same way other medals are that you havent earned, like the hard ones such as alley oop, and snipletaneous (god i want that one lol).

Yeah generic weapon kills are slated to only appear in Warzone. However, there’s other medals Ive seen that dont work or dont work properly. Ive gotten a Pounder and Pounder Assist but one or the other doesnt show up on Waypoint.

Also, Exterminations flat out dont work. Either it’s broken or 343 screwed up and made it only obtainable in Warzone by accident. Thats an easy fix.

Sayanara also doesnt work properly. It only works by getting awarded a kill when the Guardians kill the opposing player. Simply falling into or touching death barriers doesnt count. It’s rare because most forms of pbtaining this would involve damaging an opponent trying to get out of a map and screwing up and falling off the actual map into a Guardian death zone. (Ive gotten one before.)