Arena Matchmaking

I played Arena for the first time in quite a while today (I’ve been caught up with BF1 and Forza Horizon 3), because it had been a while and I want to grind for the Classic Helmet pack coming. I was quite dissatisfied with my matchmaking experience. I had just recieved a legendary Arena RP boost so I figured I could make a lot of RP from one game. I wanted to play FFA, but unfortunately could not find a match. I switched to Team Arena and the matchmaking times were quite long, but I did find matches. Unfortunately, the teams were not evenly matched at all. In both games, I found myself on a team 75% unranked against four ranked players. In both games, the score was a blowout. The second one, capture the flag on Fathom, lasted less than three minutes. I found my teammates were ignoring objectives or spinning in circles looking at the ceiling. I had a similar problem playing Warzone for the first time in months yesterday but the matchmaking was quick. I played Warzone Assault and Mythic Firefight and had very satisfying experiences minus a few weird spawns. I love Halo and hate to see it have issues. Thanks <3