Arena Matchmaking

Why is it that after playing an arena match, I am either playing with some of the same people from my last match, either they end up on my team again or they end up on the enemy team. Why not just find brand new people to play with in matchmaking because I sometimes get trolls, and those trolls end up on the enemy team.
I really don’t care if its to make matchmaking faster. I rather not end up with the same people twice.

after a arena match if you want to get new players leave MM wait 60 seconds then start MM again problem solved. that way its quicker for people that want quick games and for people like you that don’t mind waiting you can wait. you’re not forced to stay in MM just leave the que after match is done.

Faster MM times I think was a big thing for 343.

It makes sense to be paired with the same group of people for multiple games in a row.