Arena Maps are aweful.

These maps are just awful specifically for swat which is really the only decent mode apart from breakout at the moment I only like one maybe two maps at the moment. The rest are two small there aren’t any little nooks to find and use its just run around and hope no one sees you which takes away any skill you need for the game. Spawn killing is a problem as well cause the maps are two small.

Ps my fav map is plaza and Orion

I don’t play SWAT, so maybe they aren’t as much fun for you, but I happen to really love them when playing Breakout. Admittedly I have a hard time on Altitude, but I absolutely love Gambol. In regards to the problems you mentioned, it sounds like it stops (or at least deters) people from camping which I imagine is the opposite of what they want people doing- especially in SWAT.

Mm I’m not much of the camping type I like to run and gun but it sucks as well in swat cause you only get one gun to use for the whole game and some maps are a bit more orientated towards ranged battle and you’ll get stuck with the magnum and as much as I love the magnum I would prefer to switch to my BR. But yeh I just feel like as soon as you spawn you have to sprint and find safety to assess where everyone is and most of the times you’ll get tagged in the head before you have a second to think. In regards to breakout maps I love them just need a team to play that game mode.

I decided to seek out other post about arena maps before starting my own. My main issue with the way multi-player is now is you have arena which is only 4 v 4 and warzone which is only 12 v 12 plus AI. The only exception to this is the weekend Playlist which is voted on by the community. Last weekend it was team doubles which is really hard with random teamates. Anyway I enjoyed older Halos where you would choose what mode you wanted to play and then it would match you with even teams. They weren’t necessary the same size every time. Things would scale with how many people were in the playlist. But as I can tend to get a little off topic the real reason I stopped by is to point out the lack of visual beauty in the arena maps. Compare them to literally any other Halo, even 4, and you’ll notice a real lack of variety. It’s almost entirely buildings now, there’s nothing outdoors or lush like in the other ones. So it seems if you wanna be in a pretty level it must be warzone. Which is too bad because that’s cool but it’s not like classic Halo. I want better arena maps to do objectives and slayer on.