Arena Loadout

I’d like to see the Arena loadout starting weapons to be switched up sometimes.

I think loadouts in arena should stay consistent. If you’re gonna switch to BR/AR or whatever then it should be that way across the board.

It’s always good to have options

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> It’s always good to have options

Halo Reach and Halo 4 had options…always good?

I’d only want the loadouts to be different for each playlist. I’d want a clean, even loadout that you can get accustomed to and use at anytime within a game-type.

I really like Magnum/AR starts, the week that we got to try BR starts in the beta was just awful, so stick with what we have I say. Maybe add a playlist with different starting weapons (BR/DMR). Just my opinion though.

No loadouts, please. Starting with a BR or DMR defeats the purpose of picking up most weapons on the map.

Loadouts are a bad idea look at halo 4 and tell me how that worked out.