Arena is AMAZING

I need to get this out of myself: sure, I enjoyed the campaign and Warzone is pretty cool and interesting, but Arena is just outstanding. It may very well be my favourite Halo MP besides Halo 2.

Why is that? Well, first of all, it’s greatly balanced: the redesigned guns work great in all situations, most of the maps are really good (even if the designs are all very industrial-like, we need more variety guys), and it really feels like a return to form for Halo multiplayer; that basic 4v4 where everyone can do good based in only their knowledge and ability. It really is fantastic to have a multiplayer like this in these dark days we live in. The Ranking system is great and makes every single match satisfiying and challenging, as it is always very tied. There should be more modes, though, and we need a social playlist right now.

However, I’m very surprised by this MP, it’s so fun to play and it doesn’t get old quickly. I don’t believe that the same people who worked on Halo 4 made this. Great job, guys, really. Now we expect you to keep the game alive with maps, modes, BTB and Forge and much, much more. But I am hopeful for the future of Halo 5’s multiplayer, and that’s because it’s fantastic.

So I wondered: what do you think about it? Will you come back from time to time?