Arena is actually fun now.

Thank you for removing jet pack.

Oh, I still dont like the search times. I played 6 hours the other day and found 10 arena games. That’s really lame but my only real gripe about arena atm.

Search times are due to a low population and a higher degree of focus on making the matches between like skilled opponents, the super jackpot weekend defiantly bumped the population a bit and that should help.

Welcome to Waypoint =)

Arena never was, isn’t, and never will be in Reach if you don’t search with a full party. Even if you played a decent amount of games and search similar skill…the randoms you’re paired with will ruin the game for you.

I must concur with your statement. I am also enlightened by the choices of maps. I hated the choices last year where I had to play on the same 3 maps 90% of the time, and they sucked. Now the map selection has been improved.

If people would stop voting for Sword Base it would turn into my favorite playlist.