Arena Gaming League Chicago 2013 ALL WEEKEND!

AGL Chicago is going to be live streamed all weekend Here

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The event will be set up with a 6 pool play each with 8 teams. You will play each team best of three in your pool. The top 4 from each pool based on record will advance to Saturday. If there is a tie then the tie breaker will be a 5 min slayer game. Saturday will then be a 24 team double elimination bracket. We are still figuring out if it will all be best of 5 or if the first couple rounds will be best of 3. We will have a veto system so game one can be either oddball, KOTH, or ext. game two will be CTF. Game three will be team slayer. For the 5 game series it will be CTF, TS, ext, oddball, TS.

1st Place- $5000

2nd Place- $3000

3rd Place- $1600

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Notable Teams
Pulse Ambush- Heinz, Formal, APG, Snipedown
Warriors- Ninja, Ryanoob, Goofy, Legit
Legendary-Coby, Sargoth, Predevonator,Lunchbox
Hanzoku- Elumnite, Dersky, Neighbor, ???
Cryptic- Proverb, Nemassist, Foly, Jobacca
Show Me- Instinct, Nightmare, Ali, ???
Cloud 9- Biddys, Looney, Biggie, Sterling
Taking Candy- Axis Alive, Yoshi, Uugettindomed, Docta Daily
Imperium Gaming Empire- Meguhtron, Hovakain, Detroit What, Jefray
Slaughter House- Weave, Flinchy, Hunter, WillWags
Curse Gaming- Kinetikz, Rainchild, Claveman, That1RandomGuy
Cash Flow- Vapor, Vox, Fayce, Lamron
Terrible Try Hards- Whiteout, Samurai, Shenanigans, Minalt
Storm- Sj Synyster, Kakuna, Adamatik, Tragik
Ultimate- Aptitude, Tri, Platinum, ???
The Fun Police - JspGameboy, Valen, SpindlyMike, Carefree
Satus Quo- Flamesword, Enable, ???, ???
Dream Chasers- Sniping Demon, Exactitude, Justincredible, Kapone
Curtains Closed- Gxnger, Sophii, Terror, Hulk
Local Talent- Tropical, Hype Tax, Adept
Primal- Fateless, Mr. Alpha, Alumnite, Exhvle
Zero Vision- Zv Reign, Violate, TuSaint, Produh
Unity - Illiest, Hax, Japanman, Croucher
Gimmie My Money - Elitest, Blaze, Twin Savior, Reliable
Entourage -

Go Watch the stream and support Halo! GO WATCH!


I’m loving this stream!! Solid gameplay!

All the casuals should definitely come check it out.

You guys really need to come check it out. Featuring new forge maps!!! Station 9 Dispatch and Fan Favorite Simplex!!





people in chat are idiots though

Beep Boop Beep

I’m watching all weekend!

Casuals please support us, keep halo alive :smiley:

Yeah guys!! Come check it out! HELP US SUPPORT HALO!

Tweeting the stream helps out alot also. And it only takes 30 secs or so.


Thanks in advance guys! Hope you guys enjoy the tourney!

Also BSAngel it would be amazing if you would tweet it out! :slight_smile:

“people in chat are idiots though”

Yes, and a lot of people in these forums are too. Present company excluded of course!

Yeah get more casuals watching the stream so hopefully we can have a bigger audience like CoD.

Yeah there are alot of trolls in the chat. But it doesn’t take away from the great tourney going on :slight_smile:

We need you guys! Lets put the whole Casual vs competitive thing aside…

Halo is our game. and atm OUR game is in trouble. Anything and everything needs to be done to help halo. Tourneys are a big part of it. Lets come together as one. and show COD that we are NOT DEAD!

AGL is supporting Halo when it needs it the most. The least everyone could do is show support right back. Come watch people compete, leave your web browser open and multitask, or just keep it streaming when you go out into the real world lol. Just try and help.

Yes Plz. Help us out. Every viewer Helps. EVERY Tweet Helps.

So ready for this weekend!!!

Arena Gaming is the way forward. Check it out.