Arena G9

Anyone who has played Republic Commando is well aware of this iconic map. Arena G9 is a perfectly semectrical map well suited for any game type, including one sided matches.

The map is well known for the 2 Zero-G enviroments on the side of the maps, used to either get across the map like a man cannon, or nab one of the 2 power weapons on the inside of the wall.

Republic Commando is far gone, but Halo Reach is here, and so is Arena G9. Remade in Halo Reach by myself, Arena G9 is alive and well, and ready for all of your firefights.

Arena G9

The map is suited for every gametype, save Invasion and Race for obvious reasons, but everything else is ready to go, with any variation of the gametypes.
The weapons mirror the original version, with some added weapons

1 Rocket
1 Sniper
2 Concussion Rifles
2 Shotguns
2 Neelders
2 DMRs
2 ARs
2 Needle Rifles
10 Plasma Grenades
6 Frag Grenades

The Base
The Wall
Welcome back

And now, with the upcoming release of Halo 4, I will of course be making the map again, with the gravity zones, to make this map fully remade


Is it better than this remake? Back in 2010? Click here for YouTube

Just downloaded yours… Sorry but yours is two small even too small for 2v2

The older version is much better.