Arena Breakout

Am I the only person who is getting tired of playing Arena Breakout 1/3 of the games when playing the Arena playlist? I don’t mind the game type but it gets old when you play Arena Breakout on Regret twice in a row right after playing on Coliseum. It feels like the game type is being stuffed down my throat in an attempt to make it my new favorite game. I’ll play it every once in awhile but I’d rather play classic game types like CTF and Strongholds.

I despise the gametype.

I’m still curious why Slayer is in the playlist.

Yeah it’s annoying.

Strongholds should have its own playlist, in addition to being in Arena.

I feel like Arena should have everything in it (An overall measure of your skills across all gametypes) but there should also be either game type specific playlists or one titled Objective Based Games which would be CTF and Strongholds…Maybe throw in King of the Hill.