Arena BR Starts Needs to be Removed

As someone who has played Halo since the launch of Halo 3, and someone who has seen the competitive scene, there are a number of issues with Ranked that need to be fixed. The biggest one in my opinion though is the BR starts in the game.

It is clear as day, especially with the more open maps, that BR starts were not intended for the design of these maps. They’re far too open and leave far too much room for “swarm” game play. While this is a legitimate strategy, this lowers the skill ceiling quite a bit as many weapons that would be viable in high level play are completely ignored because the BR is just too powerful. No one wants to pick up the sidekick or the commando that spawns on almost all the maps simply because the BR is better in every aspect with it’s faster TTK, more range, and it’s smaller spread of fire. There’s literally nothing more powerful or versatile than this weapon.

As this game is taking design queues from H5, I think that it’s time we bring back the AR/Sidekick starts here just to make the game a bit more balanced in terms of the competitive scene. Heck, starting with the commando would be fine as well as it doesn’t have nearly as much range as the BR does.

Edit: For those who claim “well AR/Sidekick starts will just turn into a spray and pray”, I’ll even take a Commando/Sidekick start. The Commando is supposed to the inbetween for AR and BR after all.


I don’t really play competitive much so I can’t really say much, but I do agree that AR starts is better at getting people to use more of the sandbox which I prefer. I think as far as the competitive scene goes though, the majority of the fanbase (competitive wise) just prefers BR starts as it’s more “hardcore”, not really sure how to explain it.

The BR honestly has been such a powerhouse in all the games just for the fact it’s the most consistent weapon to get kills with and it does make a lot of the other weapons a bit redundant to use when BR starts is in play. The older Halo games especially H2 and H3 for me were so much more fun when it wasn’t BR starts as those two BRs specifically were monsters. Again I don’t play competitive much so the scene can sometimes be completely different from how social is meant to play.


The issue with the BR starts is that games come down to who can swarm the other team better. These maps are FAR too open to accommodate a weapon that not only uses hit scan, but is also a long range weapon. It would be one thing if it were the commando because the commando is technically an AR that can head shot, but with BRs using other weapons isn’t viable.

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Ah yes, the obligatory “As someone who has played Halo for X amount of time

I think BR starts is fine for ranked. As for ‘who can swarm the other team better’, it’s like that with AR starts too. It’s just a fact, the more weapons you have shooting at a single target, the faster that target will be put down.

How to remedy this? Don’t run off on your own, communicate and try to stick with your team.

As for why I think BR starts are fine for ranked, they’re a precision weapon that you can’t just spam. You need to time and place your shots, takes a bit more skill than the automatic AR, which pretty much anyone can pick up and slay with, which is why it’s a good social weapon.


Competitive halo has been BR+No radar since Halo 2. If you don’t like it then stick to unranked.


First off, the whole “as someone has played Halo for x amount of time” thing is because I have experience backing my input.

Second, to your strawman “it’s like that with AR starts too. It’s just a fact, the more weapons you have shooting at a single target, the faster that target will be put down.” while it is true that the more weapons you have, the quicker someone will die, the BR is a different beast. Can an AR cross map you? Do you or your team mates pick up any weapons that aren’t the BR other than power weapons?

Here’s another thing too, the BR doesn’t have any bloom or recoil whatsoever. The Sidekick, Commando, the AR, and even the freaking SNIPER all have bloom to some degree. Not only that, the only time that the BR has any sort of recoil is when it’s zoomed in and it’s only a little vertical recoil. The BR in H2, H3, and H4 all had a much wider hit area that made it much harder to long range with it. It was for mid range and close range. Halo 5 was a bit different, but even then it had some recoil on it weather you fired it from the hip or ADS.

This is why the BR is not a good weapon to start with in competitive. Given how weapons spawn on the map and how many freaking grenades are thrown around, it’s not a balanced competitive experience. Map knowledge goes out the window when you can just plop your butt down in the back of the map and pick off enemies like a bona fide sniper.

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First, no it hasn’t. Halo 5 was AR/Mag start. Halo 5 was also the most balanced competitive scene out there in Halo’s history.

Second, the maps were designed around the BR being a medium range weapon, not a long range one.


Simple solution, don’t make ranked one playlist. I want to play ranked, but I feel like OP. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll pick the BR almost everytime I see it, but when I start with I rarely feel the need to pickup other weapons, and that saddens me, as I like the sandbox. I think the sandbox is a big part of Halo. And I want to make use of it in ranked. Having more than one ranked playlist would accommodate that. .

Honestly, I don’t know why this game shipped with so few playlists.

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Nah, AR starts are just a spray fest, BR rewards strafing and positioning.


you have provided nothing other than “we should have AR starts” because? Youre not good enough with the weapon. You dont know what halo is, and are a brand new player.


Wrong, flat out wrong. Halo 5 is the first halo to halo AR starts. Its also one of the worst halos, period. Look at the population. Dead game, garbage game.

You started with halo 5.


ranked never had AR starts. Period.

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i can also say the “as someone who played halo X yrs” line. Been playing since CE. And for competitive BR starts are by far the way to go. Ranked arena is for more serious play and to push skill and the BR is the most well balanced gun for that. The BR has a much higher skill ceiling than the AR which the AR also benefits from a “swarm” style, if not even more so. Competitive should be about skill and positioning, not just running around spraying with an AR like the stuff you see in quick play

The BR has ALWAYS been a powerful go too choice in ALL the best halo games. Its because of the balance and vercatilaty of the gun. Its also fair since ALL players have it which is better than in quick play where only a few players get the pick up and get free kills out ranging AR users.

If u prefer the side kick or AR in competitive use them, nothing is stoping you.


Yes it gas. Halo 3 Team Slayer did, for example. Also, I never mentioned AR starts in my post. I said I feel BR starts discourage use of the stand box, and I prefer not to play BR starts because of that.

Halo 5 is also the worst Halo in existence. HCS rules in Halo 5 are also BR start unlike the fake garbage ranked playlist in the game.

AR is a spray and pray no skill gun. There’s a reason every Halo historically in competitive is BR+No radar with Halo 5 being the literal only exception while ironically also being the worst Halo game. You clearly started playing Halo with Halo 5.


like theyre saying, you dont understand halo.

The limited playlist is intentional design to make completing the battle pass take longer and to encourage buying the challenge swaps from the store.


it wasnt a powerful go to choice. It was a utility weapon that a good player can accel with. Something that doesnt exist in infinite.

Since you’re so “familiar” with Halo, you should also remember that BR starts didn’t have you getting cross mapped from the other side of the f****** map. The BR was never a long range weapon. That was what the DMR did, not the BR. In this game the BR is literally on the same level as the sniper for effective damage range.


That’s where the issue lies chief. Why would I want to pick up a weapon such as the AR or Sidekick when I’m gonna be out ranged 9.5/10 times on maps that are too open for BR starts to make any sense?

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