Arena announcer stuck saying "Slayer"

Used to be when I played a Slayer map the announcer said “Slayer”, and “swat” when I played swat. Now it says “Slayer” for all of the game types. It’s been like this for a year, so only mildly annoying, but I thought I’d see if there was a way to reset the announcer. All other on game announcements are fine. The only issue is at the start of each game.

Any ideas of how I can return this back to normal?

As far as I know, the default announcer never said “Swat!” for SWAT gametypes in Halo 5 (unlike in previous Halo titles). I don’t think they ever had him record the lines. I took note of this from the beginning, and for a long time they didn’t even have an announce for Grifball (but they eventually changed that).

For gametypes that use Slayer as a base, I think the announcer just says “Slayer”.

Oh interesting thanks for the answer. I swear it said “SWAT!”, but I guess not.