Area Collectibles

Not sure if this has been cleared up already, but:

In the open world area, it looks like there are 2 different sets of area collectibles, based on which part of the map you select from the tac-map. For example, there are 2 skulls in the first section of the map, and 4 in the back part where later missions are. Are these reserved to the open-world area, or are these mixed in with the levels that I can’t go back and play on my current save?
I ask because I’ve found a couple Forerunner archives in the open-world area that counted towards these 2 sets of area collectibles I see, but having trouble finding other stuff like skulls. I’ve also seen that some levels have their own set of collectibles like Warship Gbraakon and Foundation, but Conservatory doesn’t - so does it have 0 collectibles or are its collectibles mixed in with the “area collectibles” I currently see in open world?

May be a dumb question, but this is frustrating me. Also, no spoilers on collectible locations please - just want to know how this works.

You can see the missions in the open world tac map, there it shows you what you have/have not collected.

There are five skulls that are inside missions. Supposedly in the future you’ll be able to go back and replay missions but currently, if you complete the missions without getting the skulls - you’re stuck in limbo or you’ll have to start a new campaign.

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Okay thanks, just wanted to know I wasn’t wasting time bombing around Halo looking for skulls. I guess several mission levels just don’t have collectibles.

When it comes to area collectible, every collectible with the exception of few UNSC Audio Logs, Banished Audio Logs and Skulls can be found the open world section of the game. This do in other words mean that you can collect every Armor Locker, Spartan Core, Forerunner Artifact and Propaganda Tower in the open world section of the game.

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