Are you unhappy but still purchasing Halo 4?

There is a segment of the community that is unhappy about a plethora of different changes that 343i has made to Halo 4, but are still purchasing the game. Why? Not trying to be funny but really think about it. I know that some have a long history with Halo. However, if my needs were not being met and I was truly unhappy, then I would not spend my money or anyone elses on Halo 4. Despite all of the complaints via posts, threads, tweets, and whatnot, the only thing that has changed are tweeks with AA’s so they won’t be OP. Really, from no visual ranking system even down to the soundtrack, people have serious concerns.

So why are you buying the game despite your displeasure for what 343i has or has not done?


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> campaign

I have only read one so-so review about the campaign with the rest being absolutely astoned by it.

From the game at launch I am a bit disappointed. However, in the not-too-distant future I see things heating up and coming together. Hopefully its before the holidays it will make lots more buy Halo 4 for the holidays and keep the community together. That is what it really comes down to. We need Halo’s community back.

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