Are you truly disappointed at infinite?

Then you know what you have to do. Stop playing… As long as you keep playing and buying their content, you only feed them further. They will get a lot of money initially, but by exhausting their halo fan player base the revenue will end at the initial launch phase. They may get some people to play still, but not with the same numbers as halo 2-reach. They pushed their game more towards a something they can market as an E-sport instead of something a majority of halo players will love. Just stop playing already. They wont change it as it goes against their marketing plan, and we as a halo fanbase will just have to accept that the Halo we grew up on, is not this. Although I dislike this game tremendously, I still feel like those who do enjoy it should get their chance at it. Let it become the trend they were hoping for and the old Halo fanbase will just have to move aside and just stop. I am happy for those who have fun with this game, but it isn’t for me. I wont watch a single stream of this game, I wont buy any in game currency anymore, I wont buy anything halo related from this point on, but I still hope that those who enjoy it do so so they can try to keep the version of Halo they are loving afloat. It is what it is. Nothing a million forum posts will fix. Best of luck newer generation of Halo players. I hope you can enjoy it for me, because in its current state I can not.


Longtime Halo fan, back to playing Combat Evolved system link with friends at their first apartments all the way through H5 and the technical flights for Infinite.

I quit playing about four days ago. The monetization is really egregious, and the aiming awful. You have to work way too hard to get a kill in this game, which goes along with pushing the franchise in an esports direction, as you mentioned.

I love Halo, but I’m not into sweating this hard dealing with a poor aiming system while still being consistently matched up with players getting steaktacular medals on me.

If I hear that some tweaks are made to the mechanics, I’ll be back to see how the gameplay feels. But from the ridiculous monetization to the level of skill necessary just to enjoy playing casually, this isn’t a game designed for longtime fans of the franchise imo.

Edit: I’m seeing rumblings on the forums that maybe the SBMM is a bit too strict. This could certainly be contributing to the quickplay and social playlists feeling like a massive sweat fest. Perhaps some tuning on this would make the experience a bit more enjoyable?


I’m truly disappointed we don’t have Forge / scripting to tinker with.

But apart from that. The base game play is awesome.

Don’t really care who is paying what to -Yoink!- out their Spartan. My battle pass will click over in the background… and I’ll buy the first set of armour that pops up in the style / colour that I want.

Honestly, I quite like the combat; it feels crisp and like a near-perfect hybrid of everything that came before. I just hate how they have stripped away any meaning progression in favor of microtransactions.

It’s deplorable.

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The game is crazy fun, but the systems that surround that experience really dampen it, I can’t believe the store has had more updates than the playlists.


It’ll get worse once CoD streamers get involved.

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I like it all right. At this early point it’s very hard for me to get any kills. I’m old and bad so it will take me a year at least to become comfortable with all the changes. The only thing I’ve seen so far that gave me a thrill and a chuckle was watching a guy I was in a wasp-on-wasp battle with get smashed by an incoming supply ship he happened to be under. Blew up real good.


Yeah a majority of weapons are one hit kills, explode, the grapple hook is stupid af, and the maps are bland at best… if they put halo 5 on pc i would go back to playing that.

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I’m iffy about it. I’ll play it but I’m not buying anything out of the store and ill wait on the battle pass till its worth buying. Gameplay is good but I think weapons need a rework/balance. I’m also playing the campaign on gamepass when it launches so im not out on money in this game.

A little bit, yes.

Customization is pretty bad.

Don’t have much to say about the store, besides the egregious prices.

Missing many game modes.

Lack of input based matchmaking, besides solo/duo in ranked.

Very few maps.

Gameplay is pretty fun though.