Are you MLG Pro or a Filthy Casual?

If you answered Filthy Casual, join us over at Spartan Company Bananas! We suck!

"Who is Bananas?"

Founded by and for filthy casuals to play and lose many matches together. Why will we lose? Because we’re adults who have other things to do with our lives. We’re washed up has-been’s with jobs and wives and kids and broken dreams of being MLG Pro’s. We pretend we’re Str8 Rippin’ until the reality of our 0 flag caps and -18 KD hits us. But we press on, undaunted by our own suck, because we’re gamers who simply love Halo.

"Why should I join you Monkeys?"

We’re a company where you can easily find friends to team up with for matchmaking, or launch an epic custom match. We may not be the best players, but we bring it, we go BANANAS, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Seriously though, just join us, you’ll get a free Warzone REQ pack.

"What are Gorillas?"

Gorillas are members of Bananas who suck less than the rest of us. Gorillas go positive and even win matches sometimes. They are the hero’s of our jungle, the banana peel under our enemy’s boot. If a Gorilla is on your team, they will single-handedly carry you to victory. Salute them.

"Who are the Gorillas?"

Gorillas will be listed after Halo 5 launches and we have some stats to reference.

"What is our Theme Song?"

Visit Bananas and find out!