Are you looking forward to the new Sangheili ship?

There are a lot of interesting ancient Sangheili ships in Halo5, I like the way they mimic the look of fish etc. Would you like to see more Sangheili ships in the future?



I really enjoyed the reblooming Sangheili culture that we saw, including the original designs (in the canon) of various vehicles that the San’Shyuum Hierarch “prettied up” for the Covenant. I know people didn’t like them because they “didn’t look like Covenant vehicles”, but that was the point. They were familiar enough to be known what they were, but they weren’t Covenant.

It’ll be nice to see the Banished versions of these vehicles. But I’d love some Hesduros variants.


I am very excited about the idea of knowing more ships and designs of the Halo universe, being able to see how each alien species designs their own ships is a plus that pleases me. I am grateful to 343 for the work he did in Halo 5 to give us a better look at the Sangheili ships.

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For sure! I love sci-fi ship designs.

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Agreed. I love more variety

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