Are you looking for a Halo: Reach clan?

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Hi! I am the General of the ODST’s in TKG’s Halo: Reach chapter. I am looking for players that wanna join a Military clan that isn’t to strict compared to most military clans, but is still really cool and enjoyable! All new members start in the Marines. The Marines are lead by X Terminator 6. So if you would like to join start off by messaging him! I am the leader of ODST’s but I can’t just get in to the ODST’s you must go through the Marine training first! After ODST is Spartan’s which are the best of the best in the clan, unless you want to remain either an ODST or Marine. You don’t have to change status. I can be a spartan if I want to but I wish to remain ODST.
Anyway if you are interested you can contact any of the Gamertags below. Please don’t just send a friend request, send a message regarding recruitment. Thank you!

X Terminator 6
TKG Legion

As you have routinely shown a distinct lack of interest in following the rules, all of your recruiting threads have been locked and your clan has lost the ability to recruit on our forums for an indefinite amount of time.