Are you having fun in Warzone?

I remember seeing how cool Warzone looked before Halo 5’s official launch. However, after spending game after game playing this mode, I feel frustrated! It has become rather boring. I expect to pop into Warzone and be immersed in chaos from both players and AI, but the AI enemies were severely lacking. It would be a gigantic game of BRs, Ghosts and late-game Scorpions/Wraiths. The only reason why I continue to play it is to earn REQ points. Not sure how Warzone Assault plays since I could not be matchmade into a single game since launch. Maybe no one is playing Warzone Assault?

I love Warzone. I have a strategy that I stick with, and nearly every single game I get met with a surprise from an enemy. I tend to stick out of big firefight areas and sneak around quite a bit. But sometimes an enemy is sneakier and it turns into a really fun cat and mouse or spy v spy game for me.

That’s weird about Warzone assault. I don’t know why it’s not working for you. It’s worked fine for me, but I don’t enjoy it as much as normal Warzone.

Assault is harder then standard Warzone. Everyone is playing.

Of course i’m having fun. It’s a nice gamemode where you can just sit and relax. And the enemy AI is not lacking at all, some of them are quite difficult to fight.

I played one game, I didn’t much care for it
I will be sticking to arena and even then I probably won’t play H5 again until they introduce those aiming options they mentioned in December

I am still having fun but I am getting a little tired of the maps. Although they seem to be rotating a little better for me now. I am not playing the same one three times in a row. When I get bored I switch to big team battle to keep it interesting.

I enjoy it when I’m playing with my friends, however I could use a bit more Covvy and Pro AI to fight… and some more maps.

Chaos isn’t necessarily better, I can already imagine the frustration (and threads expressing those) from the community when there would have been more AI encounters. Just the sheer randomness alone would make most people throw their controllers at a wall. The way it works now is for the better I’d say. Maybe have some other point rewards instead of only 25 and 150.

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> I am still having fun but I am getting a little tired of the maps. Although they seem to be rotating a little better for me now. I am not playing the same one three times in a row. When I get bored I switch to big team battle to keep it interesting.

Exactly this. I love Warzone because of the variety it offers within each game. But the mode doesn’t offer that same level of variety based on having only 3 maps. I know there is ALOT more that goes into a warzone map than goes into a standard Arena map but I cannot wait for a new Warzone map or two to drop. After playing 35 plus hours of Warzone and Warzone assault, I feel like it is inevitable for the newness of the maps to wear off but I also feel like a solid rotation of maybe 5-6 maps would provide some variety for each game session so I am not seeing the same maps over and over again. Still lovin it just counting down the days to hear when the new map(s) will drop.

I like the option to play traditional MP and try to capture bases or run around and take out NPC enemies that spawn in. If you get the same map twice just play the game differently.

Warzone is a what could have been game mode to me. In its current state I think it is terrible to be honest. I stopped playing it and I’ve posted too many times what I think is wrong with it. I just stay away from it.

I cant even play it because of “console loss connection to server” error that 343 said they would fix almost a month ago. But before this happened I loved it getting reqs packs and as many spartan kills as possible.

I think it’s fantastic, but in assault some maps I believe the defenders have a slight advantage.

I have been for the most part, until when I do more than 75% damage to an ultra boss and I don’t get the assist when my teammates kill it. I also wouldn’t mind more maps for it.

I’d rather play Warzone instead of Arena. Lately been playing Warzone Assault. Haven’t had any issues.

I shall try jumping into Assault again. Perhaps more AI in Warzone would keep gameplay more action packed.

I was having fun at the beginning but not now. I keep getting paired with terrible team mates, getting crap luck and getting opposing teams who just aim to have the match over within in minutes by destroying the core, it’s not fun. Before you say anything, yes it’s not all about winning. In fact I’ve had a lot of matches where I had actual fun but lost. Now I’m just given abysmal games lacking and sort of entertainment.

I play Warzone Assault rather than Warzone now (haven’t had any connection problems). It’s more chaotic as its everyone rushing a single base at once but such good fun. I do like normal Warzone but with the limited maps it has become tired quite quickly. Lets hope they drop some more maps for this soon.

See, Warzone i loved to death at launch, hen i was playing it that much i started to get bored of it and jumped on assault (yes i know theres arena, but i want req points). I then started loving assault, but people started using that -Yoink- exploit to capture a base that they shouldn’t be able to (ffs 343, just despawn the AI from that base untill its open for capture). So, i got fed up of Assault, jumped back on Warzone and loving it again. Give it awhile and i will be back on Assault lol.

I just had a match where I was down 2 players and 2 other players AVERAGE 4 kills a match 4!!! warzone is terrible when your solo which sucks because its the only place where vehicles exist and the option to finish commendations