Are you guys out of your minds?!

If you wanna play with your friends, the best solution is to play another title entirely.



I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing at how poorly 343 is managing this beta. They just keep showing me that my decision to not play our support them is the right move.

IMO management needs an overhaul. People that know what it is to play games, not just people that just want a paycheck.


Did you just try to use custom games to justify the vary poor decision 343 made?

Because that was not a smart reply.


Sadly parties ruin FFA style games. Is it really a challenge if you team up with friends and just cheese the challenges? Here is where you will claim your party doesn’t do that but we all know that is what is done. I am an avid FFA player and its sad and terrible games when clearly players are “teamed up” in FFA. I am not exactly sure how or what could be a happy medium would be,… BUT the second season is called LONE wolves. So were you really expecting team style games?

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Unfortunately there are people that don’t care for facts. They just want things to be done the way they want it, no questions asked.

Is that even true? The custom game system for Halo: Infinite has been mostly broken all Season 1. It would be nice if it was improved with this big update.

In MCC 's Season 7 update (June 23, 2021) 343i made it a requirement to have someone on your Xbox Live friends list if you wanted to invite them to play a custom game with you. Before then this was never a requirement even on Xbox. This literally crippled groups that got people to play custom games together. It came with the release of the CGB. The only good thing I can say about it is that it was not a hostile decision but a careless one.

Do not judge a company by their words, judge them by their actions.

I think that OP is wrong about this gametype being bad because it’s singles only. That specific kind of FFA stuff is indeed a best fit with something outside of matchmaking. Still, playing with people is a very important part of playing games. 343i ought to have done something to allow groups of people to play together. The ultimate cause of this frustration is the slow pace of content being released and the two-left-feet actions of 343i.


I was so impressed by the cleaner UI and some of the cosmetics available that I decided to test out S2. I’m currently regretting my choices.

Yeah Ill probably just play with my friends and not make any progress so absolutely lame

I hear your concerns and do agree that we should be able to play stuff with our friends, but also look at the title for season 2. Lone Wolves, that’s literally what solo games in Halo have been called for a long time. So I’m not surprised that right off the bat they’ve dropped a lot of single player focused playlist and game types.

My biggest concern since day one has been the challenge system encouraging people to play by themselves because everyone gets different challenges and frequently when trying to play together those challenges don’t line up. It also doesn’t help whenever they include playlist specific challenges that no one wants to do because they’re trying to do it together as a party and they give you free for all based challenges. Talk about shooting yourself in your own foot.


Haven’t talked with all my friends yet but the ones I have talked with have understood it, annoying but understandable

I think best solution would be allow fireteams of 2-4

343: Please come back to Infinite, we desperately need more players

Players: Can we bring our friends?

343: lol no


I cant tell you how many times in halo 2 & 3 on og xbox & 360 me and a bud or 2 would party up and play free for all type playlists. Only to not kill each other but work as a team just to be -Yoink!-. Its pretty obvious why the modern halos will not allow this.

Played for about 2 hours and I’m already bored.

As a nearly 20 year veteran of Halo I’m out.

Maybe in a couple of years I’ll try the game again, but after six months I’ve realized 343 doesn’t care about Halo so why should I at this point.


They should either remove all FFA challenges or let people queue together for FFA. Having neither means you are forcing people to not play with each other despite wanting to - the complete opposite of what Halo is about.


Then maybe include a Team Last Sparten Standing would be fun to win a 4 v 1 when everyone else is downed


All 343 cares about is the challenges, your time and your money. I’m not playing their games going forward.

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Honestly these challenges feel more like a chore than anything else

Yeah, got to admit when someone defends everything a business does being fully aware of how wrong some of the decisions are. There is something majorly wrong with that person.

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People don’t really seem to care how it can be exploited around here unless they get what they want.

Of course, that is till it starts effecting them. Then they’ll start caring.

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