Are you guys out of your minds?!

343, are you insane? You just gave us a bunch a new stuff, and we can’t do ANY of it with our FRIENDS!!! What are you guys thinking… We’re trying to play with our friends, and we can’t do Last Spartan Standing, we can’t do any Rumble Pit!.. We only get King of the Hill, and that’s IT! We can’t even work on our challenges together. We’re stuck chatting with eachother as we play different games. YOU GUYS HAVE LOST YOUR MINDS!!!

I have defended you guys for months now… I have generated soooo much enthusiasm for Season 2 over the last several weeks, and within 30 minutes of playing I am just livid. I can’t believe that we can’t chase challenges or play these games with our friends FOR SIX MONTHS!!! I’m gunna have to take a break, and just as soon as the freakin season has started!!


You can play those modes in custom games. Unfortunately the gaming community has shown time and time again that they will abuse parties in solo games.

If you think Last Spartan Standing wouldn’t be instantly ruined, I don’t know what to say.

Most people aren’t as earnest as your friends.


I don’t if people abuse it… I’d rather play it with abusers then not be able to play it at all


Why you even here bro?

Just like to kill vibes wherever you turn up. Don’t like the game, go play something else.


NO DUDE, I have been the biggest promoter for this game since it launched… I have logged over 4000 games, and have generated soooo much enthusiasm for Season 2… And i have just been devastated by this within about 30 minutes… My friend and I are right now chatting with eachother while we play completely different games… It’s absolutley insane!!!


I still think we should be able to complete challenges in Custom games in some way. I know boosting is a tough thing to solve, but it’s so restrictive when you must play certain playlists that you can’t enjoy with friends, or heck, even bots.


Nah, 23 years on this earth playing games, and it’s no fun when someone against you wants to “Oddjob” their way into a match.

As someone who has engaged in behavior that ruins/griefs games for others for fun, it’s absolutely no fun when it happens to you.

People are going to be people, it was a smart move not to allow parties for public FFA modes.

Team game modes encourage parties, that’s a better place for the both of you.


Or allow it, but strictly match parties with parties only?

Never let a party play with any solo players. Longer wait times but then people could play solo modes with friends without having the full 8/12 people required.


This has been coming for weeks and we’ve all known about it…I’m actually surprised no one has mentioned or kicked up a fuss about it until now tbh. There was a thread about the “Lone Wolves” season title and I even joked in there that it was because not many of us have friends to play the game with still…well all my friends have quit and they have no intention of coming back for S2 so “Lone Wolves” is a very suitable name for this season.


This would be a better alternative, hopefully it’s included at some point


Take the salty attitude and become productive. Be a voice that asks for Duos and Quads to become a variation of Last Spartan


I don’t have a problem with it, but I think the issue they are concerned with is in FFA games where everyone in the party is boosting for challenges (ie helping someone with a killing spree), which potentially hurts the game experience of others.

But, the question is, whether or not the tradeoff is hurting the game experience worse than the potential for FFA boosting.

That’s why we’re here… 343 will only listen if we tell them our experience… This experience is TRASH. If we can’t play this stuff with our friend’s then they made a HUGE mistake


100% with OP here, why would putting a solo only event / season out there make any sense!

I want to play with my friends/squad and complete challenges, now all I have is FFA and Last Spartan Standing (Another FFA mode) challenges, so I can’t do this.

I didn’t think infinite was going to get worse with Season 2, but imo it really has, bye bye what player base was left :frowning:


Okay just miss my entire point and stay mad sorry buddy

i havent played since the mk V helmet event and I’m sorely disappointed with the new content,
the new armor looks like some crap from start wars, boring and uninventive

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yes he is, and so is trando


i don’t know where you have been the last six months, but we ALL knew this was coming. unless you have been playing those 4000 games and nothing else. Everyone in the community has been talking about this on Youtube, Twitter, etc. We all knew what we were getting. Don’t act surprised. I am not happy with the state of this either, but complaining right now, when we have known these problems it a bit over the top don’t you think. This game has had bad social features from chat, to parties/menus. and since the road map they’ve had nothing to say, but quality of life improvements. which they’ve been telling us for months, confirmed with the road map last week, and proven with latest season, so idk what ur surprised about.


No, you can’t.
Rumble Pit modes are unplayable in customs aside from ffa oddball and normal ffa

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This is the main game my GF and I play, but really? We can’t play anything FFA related? And the event challenges are for this game mode! We can’t progress together at all?!
343 why do you hate people playing together?