Are you going to update the Event Challenges everyday

or are we seriously only able to get to level 7 then have to pay to finish?

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Imagine having the main complaint of your game be the slow progression & unreasonably priced store & releasing an event a week later that inflates both problems.

I still can’t really get my head around that, in this supposed free event, there is more variety in the store than in the event battle pass.


The event returns in January and February so you get more challenges then.

I really don’t think (hope) we’ll need to pay anything to complete the event battle pass.

Imagine it’s month 4, getting 28/30 for the event battle pass and having to wait another month just to complete the last two tiers.

Yeah, but that’s the thing. Didn’t they say that there would be more chances to finish it and not that we had to wait to finish it. It’s utter crap to release an event where the majority of the items are in the shop and then on top of that only allow players to complete a fourth of the battle pass because you want to incentivize players to spend money and to prolong the event for over 4 months and then on top of that not even have the original design they’ve been showing off for months not even available in the battle pass.

I Love halo. I have for 20 years since I got CE on the original Xbox, but it’s like each game 343 releases it gets worse and worse. I’m sure the Campaign will be fine but what about the MP. It’s like they are actively punishing fans and trying to destroy the franchise.