Are you ever going to fix the Co-Op lag?

It has been a ridiculous amount of time since launch and I still cannot play co-op or spartan ops with friends without one of us having horrible input lag throughout. We have done all that we can on our lend to “fix it” and a google search shows it is clearly 343’s fault.

This is beyond ok for a game geared towards playing with friends.

War Games are flawless for us for the most part, but any story modes are so bad. I hate to see the one console franchise I love fall to new blood that cannot handle a basic part of the game.

Not that it matters, they won’t answer to this anyway since they are too busy monetizing Halo 5.

Screw the mid management who decided not to communicate and ignore massive problems like this months after release.

Shock. No reply.

Garbage company that has begun crapping out a legendary franchise.

I am not sure, I have never had lag in Co-Op playing Spartan Ops or Campaign, but I know alot of the complaints are attributed to the Connection Speed required to run Halo 4 efficiently which is 3.0 MB and above.

Sometimes it has also been due to the TV that a user is running the game on, or the cable they are using. Are you using a HDMI Cable to hook your Xbox to your TV and a Ethernet Cable to run your Xbox Live instead of Wireless?

Sorry I just got on here a bit ago and didnt see your thread or I would of tried to help already :/.

By the way, are we talking about Co-Op Splitscreen or Co-Op via Xbox Live with a friend?

Co-Op is lagging for non hosts because of how the sync system is set up. The past games have had these problems as well, its nothing new to halo. The game us trying to sync every frame so that the AI dose not go all crazy and do things on one players screen that its not doing on another players screen. Match Making dose not have this because its only every 7 or so frames I think that are synced, thats why players bounce around if they are laggy some times.

There is no possible way for it to be fixed now, just hope for better connections next time. I’d recommend that they use the sync system that CoD uses for Zombies because the two game modes are pretty much the same and the CoD system has next to no lag at all.

That’s likely to be the main reason then, it is possible one player does not have the same Connection Speed as the other and that is why it tends to do that then.

I know Halo 4 has a much better Net Code than the Previous games, so I think its usually the Connection Speed between players as well and possibly the Graphics coming into play now and then.

How interesting is Zombies in Black Ops 2 Elijah, is it much better than the original Black Ops mode?

They can’t fix that unless they are totally scrapping the existing campaign and coop netcode where A.I. enemies are present.
And believe me, that’s a loooooooot of work. Maybe for Halo 5.

Bsically, if you shoot, the host of the match will receive that data, then says “ok” if he received the data from the other 2 clients and THEN you can see your gun firing and hitting your target. And now this situation with a bad host and 2 other clients with bad connections and the chaos is perfect.
The host here doesn’t have any input lag.
The pros of this system: every player is in sync and wvery hit is a 100% correct hit. The bad side is that, depending on just ONE bad connection of a single client, you have little to massive input lag.

In games like Gears of War 3 you don’t have any input lag becuse it’s basically a reversed thing.

You shoot and aim at the target. But if your shots are correct is calculated later, your bullets are registered later.
Pros: no input lag. Bads: individual players and A.I. on the clients screens can lag and some bullets can drop or miss your target.

But tbh, Gears 3 works perfectly. Sure you experience that very small post-hit detection everytime but at least it’s not screwing up your damn aiming like in Halo 3.

Gears 3 Horde netcode ftw