Are you enjoying Halo 4?

Personally, I kinda ignored all the hype and anticipation and decided I’d wait until the game came out to form opinions on it.

Well, I got the game at midnight release and I’ve had about two days to determine… that this game is amazing. Honestly, I love it right now. Sure, it may not be like past Halos, but it’s unique and I’m really enjoying it.

Are you guys enjoying your H4 experience?

Well, I finished the Campaign today and I didn’t really care for it, level design wise.

As for Multiplayer, yeah it’s fun, but I really wish my friend would get online so we could play Spartan Ops.

Campaign is ok I like Spartan Ops
Multiplayer is not good at all I’m
really disappointed doesn’t fee like halo no weapon pick ups,no ammo,
no other gametypes in a game mode,no mic, and that’s all i can think of.

I enjoy it.

I have some minor gripes, but overall I like it.

I’m really enjoying it. Beat the campaign last night with two of my buddies and we thought it was awesome, just kind of a mind -Yoink-. Matchmaking is great, wonky lag sometimes but that’s no biggie. Great game just not really used to it, I actually miss some of the things from Reach. (less blue main menu, female spartan) <3

I enjoyed the Campaign although I dislike some story elements that 343i chose to go with.

I quite like War Games too, more so than i did Halo: Reach. I’m not sure how to feel about the multiplayer maps so far though, that might just be nostalgia and yearning for the old maps from Halo 3 and Reach though.