Are you considering a team/clan?

Hello there, I’m the leader if the Sons of Destiny team/clan.
I would ask that you look at our website for information as it is all there and it is easy to navigate through. If your looking for a team/clan then check us out.

Here is the link

I have an application thread. Check it out. Idk if I’m regulation proof, I prefer to have my own emblem etc.

Primarily interested as vehicle operator. I have a main gunner who might also want to join.

I put in an app… I’m an 18 year old college student. I’m tired of playing matches with no strategy that are based solely on skill. I think I have something to offer in Halo. I’m not the best player but I am thoughtful and willing to learn. My best game is team SWAT. I’ve never tried the whole team/clan thing but having some teammates to play with seems like a positive…

Sorry for being so late to respond guys. The form system is slow. Anyway, just send us a FR over XBL and we’ll go from there. Killer Man Sean can be preoccupied at times and it’s generally best to send me a message as well as I’m on more.