Are you a small clan?

Are you a small clan? If so and you don’t want to go through all the -Yoink- of creating a clan, just to see it fail, or whatever. Join MIG, we are looking for Leaders and members for our new Halo Battalion. We have many spots open in our Leadership, and we are looking for clans that wish to merge with us. You can find our website at . If you want to talk about it, or have any concerns please message me on skype, or xbox. I will be looking forward to speaking with you. Our age limit is 13+.

Thank you and Have a wonderful day
~MIG 47 XI

Clans are limited to one thread, as per the Recruiting Forum Rules.

Please use your original thread for all future clan activity, thank you.

NOTE: The “original thread” linked above, in the spoiler, is for a separate clan, other than MIG. This thread was locked due to my confusion that both threads were for MIG. The OP contacted me and the issue has been sorted, and he requested, and will make, a fresh thread for MIG.