Are You A Lone Wolf That Wants Achilles?

Look no further than Fireteam Glacier!

Hey-o, Spartans!
We currently have one open position that needs to be filled. We’re making great strides towards Achilles, but we tend toward the casual side.
Preference will be given to previously unattached Spartans and those with higher levels. Mostly first-come, first-served.
See you on the virtual battlefield!

Hello again!
We still have two open slots! We play a little of everything in the lists, and we’re all different levels of skill. Never been in a company? You could do worse!

Hello once more!
There are still openings here! Glacier would love to have you- anyone and everyone!

THREE new spots! We’ve been at 100 for a while, but I guess some people wanted to try their luck elsewhere. Go ahead and apply; we’re looking to fill the gaps and keep moving toward Achilles!

See you on the virtual battlefield!

Hey-o! We’re still looking for three people to move forward with Achilles! We’re making great progress, but we need your help! First-come, first served!

One more open position… remember, the sooner you join, the sooner Achilles will be within our grasp!

Two more open slots! Join now and help yourself shortly to a tasty armor set!

Alright, one last slot to go! Let’s get Glacier to full strength!

C’mon, Spartans! Someone must want to get in on this!