are we sure the Flood are the Precursors?

Yes, the Flood did come from infected Precursor dust which advanced when Humans tested the dust on Pheru. The Gravemind said that they were the Precursors and that they said none of their creation would rise against them again. Also the Flood was able to access Precursor tech such such as star roads. However, do you think possibly that the Flood is NOT really the Precursors? That maybe the Flood carries Precursor DNA in them, allowing them to access star roads, and possibly they carry Precursor memories? They would say they the seeders of life in the galaxy to horrify the Forerunners? Maybe this is just me from what I’ve thought a few months ago, does anybody else think?

Well, we’ve had both a Precursor and a Gravemind both say the Flood were Precursors. I don’t see why they would lie about that.

Well what you said is basically right. The Flood aren’t Precursors- they are the mutated remains of Precursors.


Only time will tell… Living Time that is…

I think it’d sort of ruin the flood for them not to be the precursors. It’d be weird to introduce them as separate entities, write 3 books saying they are the same (2 of them saying it outright as opposed to implied), and then go “lol nope, just corrupted pets”.

There’s an important bit in silentium where the flood talks about how the precursors have had many forms of the ages. They are a species of change, there is no fixed form to look at and say “this what the precursors were for 100 billion years before the forerunners killed them”. Neural physics is all about being in tune with the universe, and as the saying goes, the only constant is change. I think the flood’s origins is a bit different than the usual transitions, which is why it is so special, and different, but at the end of the day, they are still the precursors.

It’s like the differences between ancient humans and a bunch of angry pre-histoic humans. They may look rather different, and their goals and priorities are worlds apart, but they are the same species, just recoiling from the forerunner’s influence.

Well the star roads were destroyed when the rings fired.