Are we impatient? Or is it i343's belief?

Clicking play pretty much instantly find a match within five to ten seconds, in Tactical Slayer.
That would mean at the time of writing, evening - night in most of Europe.
In my eyes, that’d mean it has a good high population to choose from, giving a good even experience with similar skilled players all around.

I am now about to start my 9 match of Tactical Slayer, need four wins, have two.
Every single match has been dominated by one or two players racking up either over half the winning team’s score, or close to it, and then thrown in are not so skilled players like me, who compared to them die as I spawn ( sometimes down to the literal sense of the phrase ).
There’s no semblance of any sort of balance at all. At the speed it finds a match, and the extreme difference in skill levels between players, there’s some severe issues going on behind the scenes.
Either it “balances” things out by taking two extremes and matching them against their average.
Which doesn’t work at all.

Or it picks the first random players to pop up available to them. Something which is it’s own can of bad worms.

Considering I haven’t seen the same names, except one single player I did recall over 8 matches, the amount of players available can’t be that bad, and the skill levels displayed means there’s enough players to go around creating more balanced matches.

Having played matches 9, 10 and 11 while writing this.
The trend continues, lopsided matches with extremely competent players and a few worse ones, against an average team.

The experience has been awful, and if this continues, I may have to start swapping out Tactical Slayer as well as it gives no enjoyment anymore. 2 hours wasted on a challenge I was looking forward to.

So does i343 think we are so impatient with waiting for a game that we’d take any offer as long as it’s at our table faster than 15 seconds, otherwise we grow bored and move on?
Or are “we” actually that impatient?

The community is actually impatient. Not everyone, but so far seems like a good amount. If people are impatient with this game, their RL must really suck.

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A large portion of the community is so impatient with search times they’ll rather have severely lop sided steaktacular matches than wait double the time, 10-20 seconds, to find and match players on a tighter skill basis?
Large enough part of the community that i343 feels “forced” to do it?