Are we getting Infection/Flood?

So I’ve been enjoying Halo 5 and its multiplayer for the past 2 months, but the one thing I have not seen is anything about an Infection/Flood gametype. Does anybody know if that’s in the process of being made? It’s personally one of my favorite gametypes and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be included

Yes, next month we are likely getting Infection.

I just wanna see what they do with the infected. Btw, in grifball, the player who holds the ball changes color. Can’t someone use that to make classic infection?

Hopefully March will be the month that brings us infection. It will be really cool if it was because March is my birthday month! Really want to see what they do with the infected models (flood or zombie colour armour). I kind of want a system where infected players could release ‘popcorn’ infection forms sort of like drones to seek out players and highlight them behind walls (limited use).

Also March’s update is called “Ghosts of Meridian” if that doesn’t sound like a Infection themed update then I don’t know what will.

It’s been confirmed but we haven’t been given a set date.

I’ts confirmed to be in the works BUT no date.

Probably March (next month)

Thank you everybody. I was somewhat disappointed that it didn’t come at the very beginning, but I’m glad we’ll be getting it some time soon. I’m getting a bit sick of playing the same gametypes. I’m hoping that Halo 5’s multiplayer will evolve like Halo 4’s did where we had a ton of playlists (snipers, regicide, etc.)

Yes, it’s will be on March!

I don’t think I’ve played infection since Halo 3 maybe?
It’s been a while. So I’m excited!

They aren’t adding infection anytime soon ya’ll wanted a competitive game you got it now they are focused on nothing but that thanks a lot I doubt they add infection because of war zone firefight a game type I could care less about war zone is basically the same thing we don’t need firefight