Are Warzone REQ Bundles worth it?

I’ve never purchased one before despite it being very tempting. Now, I’ve bought a few 3x Gold REQ Pack bundles a few days ago and didn’t get any Legendary/Ultra Rare items at all, so I’m a little skeptical on whether or not I should purchase the bundle. It’s pretty pricey, but I imagine it’s pretty good? Also, could it be possible that my SR level of 26 is making me get so many bad common/rare items or is it due to the fact that I don’t have all the common/uncommon/rare items unlocked? I don’t want to buy this bundle and get nothing good out of the lengthy weeks I have to wait to get 14 REQ packs in all. Money doesn’t grow on trees and so I don’t want to waste $25 on it and get nothing good out of it.

Also, will I get Ultra Rare/Legendary items that are not from the update in those Warzone REQ Packs or only items from the update? I’m really trying to get armor such as Deadeye and Noble and have no luck on getting anything like that in REQ Packs that I buy.

I would read this forum very carefully before any purchase an see if you want to roll the dice on actually get fulfilled for what you pay for. - check this out for examination…

I mean, all I get from REQ packs are those bad common and uncommon items. I really need some good items and buying a Warzone bundle seems to be the best choice.

Anyone else that can give me their opinion?