Are Virgin Gaming lying?

WTH is going on? i thought during the finals ill be matched with people from my tier only :S i just got matched with some people on the opposing team who are SR 1 and SR 2 now how is that possible? surely an SR 2 cant be in tier 1 because it would have taken him alot of points to get to tier 1 and he at least should be at SR 10 or above! what is going on? something is really fishy here

Not sure if serious or not. It doesn’t matter what tier they are in, or if they are in the tournament or not. You play with the people the game matches you with.

It wouldn’t just match you with tier 1 as you’d never find a game. It matches with anyone as normal like it always has.

It’s just that you’re trying to get more score than fellow tier 1 players will be getting from their games. I don’t think you understand the tournament format.

…Isn’t it the qualifying rounds right now?

I thought its going to start today at midnight…