Are vehicles now made of paper?

It seems the war has taken a tole on everyone’s finances, and they’ve had to cut back on the armor they put on their vehicles, as warthogs, ghosts, banshees all get shredded by small arms fire now.

A single round of BR will take out just about any vehicle apart from a scorpion (on a side note, why put a huge -Yoink- tank on a tiny -Yoink- map)

They died faster in reach.

Not at all. I got stuck with a sticky grenade twice and didn’t dies while I was in a warthog.


Two shots from a sniper rifle used to take down all but the heaviest of vehicles, now you’d be lucky if you didn’t have to reload to finish the job.

A single BR round will take out any vehicle? Firstly, a round is a bullet. You mean a single magazine. Even so, I’ve witnessed different.

nah. Vehicles were always OPed in previous ones. I enjoy that they die relatively well. Players don’t need to use vehicles the whole match. It forces players to battle on foot.

A single Plasma Grenade will not take down a Banshee or a Ghost like it did in Reach.

You were saying?

Sir this is the Halo 4 forum, you want the Halo Reach forum. Oh? You actually meant to post it here? Then you’re a moron.

Mantis has waaay too much armour. I like it.
2 spartan laser shots to kill one.

The thing with the mantis is that they’re pretty easy to board, especially if the mantis driver is dumb and walks it into a canyon or anywhere near an overhang.

It’s better than in Reach. Vehicles were literally made of paper. Hell, the Warthog flipped on a pebble. These vehicles are much more sturdy than the Reach ones.

I love that the mantis has shields that protect it’s Vehicle Health.