Are Untrusted files potentially dangerous?

I do not understand why untrusted files are a thing? I tried asking Halo support and they redirected me to the forums for answers. Does anyone know the reason for labelling map and gamemode files are trusted and untrusted and weather untrusted files are dangers in any way to the user?

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Did anyone post an explanation in the other thread you started a week ago on this topic?

Nobody in my last thread explained the purpose of this trust levels in files

Pretty sure it’s just for the sake of letting players distribute gametype and map files that were modified outside of MCC within MCC, so that if there is something wrong with that file, you know it’s not on 343’s part and they’re not really responsible if it causes the game to crash or something.

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By outside of MCC you mean like gamemodes and maps made within Halo 3 and Halo 3 on the Xbox 360?

Those currently count that way, because they were transferred from somewhere else, and a few of them were modded.

But mainly because stuff on PC can be changed in outside software, officially distributed or not.

As far as I’m aware there’s not much that could make those types of files dangerous though.

I can understand untrusted files being modified files with 3rd parry software but I have gamemodes that I made only in MCC that are considered untrusted files without using any 3rd party software.

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I still don’t get it!!!

  1. The maps are stock maps.
  2. If I mod a stock map from halo mcc with forge that comes with halo mcc, How in the world can it be untrusted!! Sorry I just don’t understand the logic here people … sorry lol
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Agreed. I wish someone from 343 can explain this and if there are any cons for untrusted files to be aware of?