Are try-hard HCS players all that’s left?

Or did 343’s matchmaking somehow drop me into a pool of Onyx players without me knowing it? It’s *Blam!*ing brutal lately!

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Have you been winning a lot?

The truth is most of the casuals have moved on to other games. You’re now stuck with the hardcore player base. :frowning:


Yeah my kdr in quick play has dropped from 3ish to sub 2 since the start of season 2. Something has happened for sure

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Pay attention to the forums, ever wonder why it’s always the same people posting threads and comments say in and day out? It’s just like the game only the hardcore fanbase remains, a clear indicator that this game has basically died and is hanging by a thread. Once hardcore players start to leave then there is no reviving this game.

I’ve bumped into the same people over and over multiple games just from the sheer lack of players across console and PC.


Last week I was doing exceptionally well with LSS, even had a few back to back wins. Maybe that boosted me into the stratosphere as far as SBMM is concerned, because I’m getting cooked left and right this week.

Edit: It’s affected my K/D across almost all game types. Slayer, Fiesta, Rumble Pit. Maybe it’s just an off week but I feel outclassed almost every game.


I’m still playing I’m a committed player not good enough to be classed as a try hard, but thanks to the mismatch which is MM not sure if it because there i are not enough players or players manipulating the system but nothin beats playing people 10+ ranks higher than me and learning how to die all over the map.

I think you’re right. Until mid-March, I was kicking everyone’s -Yoink!-. Now I’m getting absolutely destroyed

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I only play Bot Bootcamp now for dailies. I just don’t find the game fun anymore. But I feel invested because I’ve spent some money and a lot of time. It’s a mix of matchmaking, customisation, desync/netcode, and the clunky sweaty gameplay.

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Maybe you’re bad and just never knew until now :man_shrugging:t2:

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I was searching for BTB yesterday and had the game tell me something along the lines of, “There might not be enough players in this playlist, try searching another one.”

I ended up searching right after I closed the message and found a game, so I don’t know if it legit didn’t have enough people or not. Either way it’s not a good thing to see.

Not really, there are some casual players left, we mostly play BTB and fiesta though.

That said infinite is more geared towards the hardcore players at the moment, and will remain so until co-op and forge are returned.

Even then we need an expanded sandbox of weapons and vehicles for the long term. As this is a 10 year game lets hope they get it.

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I haven’t played much the last 1-2 months (life…) But The casual playlists like BTB and fiesta still seemed I’d say pretty casual. But a lot of the other ones definitely aren’t anymore. Especially something like Team Slayer and Quickplay.

What do you expect though when you don’t put in one of the most popular playlists ever, Ranked Team Slayer. You’re going to have tons of try-hards in playlists like team Slayer because news flash 343I there’s a pile of people out there that want to play ranked but don’t want HCS/MLG settings. I literally have friends ask me every week if they have a ranked team slayer playlist and yet and they just laugh at the fact that there isn’t… I’m almost embarrassed when I say to them no it’s not, And these are people that have been playing Halo since CE/2 as well. So long time fans we’re talking here. They all have quit!!! Every, single one of them! Not because they don’t like the gameplay either, they all do.

The decisions that 343 are making are becoming more and more baffling by the week. I wish 343I would get there act together.

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Maybe! Probably am to be fair

People that enjoy games generally grow at different paces. Some people grow quickly, while others in small intervals.

Average player here.

I haven’t played a game of S2 and won’t play until there is enough content to justify coming back.

Playlists need added and “events” need to be actual “events,” and not gametypes that were introduced in 2004 passed off as events.

I’m assuming the only ones left are the eternal optimists.


It is possible that SBMM just is trying to rebalance you back to 50/50 win-lose ratio. Although, not as many people have been playing. I myself haven’t been getting as good of quality match makings, even on Saturday.

I was just messing with you btw. Bonus points for being a good sport! lol

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There is a decent amount of content. Forge and Co op are the main things missing, but aren’t affecting the game super heavily (especially once Splitscreen co op drops, then it will be similar to CE). If you think the game lacks too much content, then I’d recommend not saying your opinion on events or other gamemodes until you’ve actually played the game.

I dont think that forge will save Halo Inifinite.
Its summer now and most people dont play so much.
But it will be interesting to see what happens with Xbox, not many good games coming this year so that could save Halo next winter.