Are they trying to make this complicated?

I recently had to change my email because of a virus or spam or whatever it is. I guess this is on me, but when my email is sending links to male enhancement supplements to my college professors and grandparents my first concern isn’t, “Oh no, better update my Xbox Live and Halo Waypoint information!” Anyways, I just updated all of that jazz because for some reason I have to be emailed a code to access half of the game I payed full price for, and now…what? Who do I go to? Can I even go to anyone? There sounds to be a lot of people in the same boat as me, so I all I can ask is, why? Why try giving Halo any sort of exclusivity only to release it in such a complicated way? Are we out of luck?

Worst case scenario, the way I look at it, if I’m not allowed to play half of the game I payed for, for whatever reason, at least I can trade it in and get half my money back for Far Cry 3. I’ll give it two days, but if they don’t say anything to me or the community I’ll trade it in, which is sad because I really do enjoy this game. I enjoy what they’ve done with Halo, (well mostly), but it’s just weird business decisions like this that’s alienating us away from this game.

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