Are they posting Halo Reach maps here online?

I am big on doing Forge, and i was wandering where the maps are posted? If they even are. If not, 343 is already -Yoink!- me off. Me and my friend were going to start a youtube channel and get a capturecard, but if they arent posted online, then it will be a waste to start the channel. Thanks.

i know i was just trying to download a map from and it sent me here they dont even have a download boutton anymore. :frowning: 343 is killing reach and if they dont put a map download option in the game then there is no point to forge and custom games.

First of all, welcome to Waypoint guys.

I’m sorry no one has replied to this yet. no longer supports Halo Reach files. Halo Waypoint will begin supporting Reach fileshare sometime in the summer. Good news, you’ll get 24 fileshare slots for free instead of 6!